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About Me

husband, father, tech enthusiast
Hello! I’m Jason!

I’m an elder millenial husband, father, music lover, and tech enthusiast.

I started this blog to learn more about building static sites and have more control over my content. I’m building this site using VSCode, Hugo and Blowfish. I’m hosting it on Github Pages.

I grew up in Western Maryland. I lived in Baltimore for about 10 years. I now live in the Shenandoah Valley area of Virginia with my wife, our four daughters, and two dogs. I work in tech and I am a fully remote employee.

I’m the admin for the DMV.Community Mastodon instance, and the Pixelfed instance. I also write a music blog called The Shrediverse.

I enjoy: hiking, photography, fintech, science, comics, sci-fi, coffee, music, tech, Linux, FOSS, Android, self-hosting.