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April 2nd, 2024 Coffee

A Coffee Post

One thing I haven't yet talked about on this blog is coffee. I love coffee. I'm far from a "coffee snob" or a "coffee scientist", as I like to call my more passionate coffee-drinking friends, but I sure do love a good cup of coffee. Here are some of my favorite brands and flavors.

NOTE: I use a Ninja DualBrew coffee maker, a Bodum pour-over coffee maker, and a Cuisinart burr grinder.

Death Wish

Death Wish coffee comes in a few different flavors and is extra-caffeinated for that kick I need first thing in the morning. My favorite flavors that I've had are: I just ordered the Almond Afterlife and the Coconut Caramaul, so I'll post an update here and on Mastodon when I've tried them.

Manatee Coffee

Manatee Coffee is a family-owned coffee company on a mission to provide high-grade coffee, while also aiding in the improvement of manatee protection efforts. The company regularly donates to trusted organizations that support manatees and their habitats. My favorites from them are:

Kitty Town Coffee

Kitty Town Coffee is a woman-owned coffee roaster out of Lebanon, PA. They partner with cat shelters all over the country and make donations to them. Each coffee is named after a cat, and each bag makes a donation in the amount that it takes to feed a cat for a week, based on the national average dry cat food price. My favorite coffees from there are:
That's all for now! It's time for my afternoon cup!
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