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Face Status and More

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I really got you with that title, huh? Update on the Bell’s Palsy facial paralysis: It’s mostly back to normal! I have mostly regained control of my right side. My face has gone from really goofy looking to just normal goofy looking. The only symptom really left is ear sensitivity to high pitched sounds, so when the dogs bark in the house or when someone clanks dishes together, it physically hurts me, but hopefully that resolves itself given a bit more time.

I bought a car last week for my daughters. They turned 16 in September of 2023, and they’ve been practicing driving off and on since last summer. I got them a red 2017 Hyundai Elantra in great condition. It should be a safe and reliable car for them to use for a few years. They’re very excited about it. We took them to Target and Wal-mart and let them pick out some accessories for it, and we got them a safety and emergency kit. They spent about an hour on Tuesday cleaning every nook and cranny to their standards despite the fact that the dealership had just detailed it. They should both be ready to get their licenses in the next month or so.

Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend in the US. I sent my mom a card and an Edible Arrangement (she loves cheesy stuff like that). One of the things the kids and I are doing for my wife is we are going to recreate a photo of our four girls that was taken on the first trip we took together as a family, to Historic Williamsburg and Busch Gardens. It was taken in front of a huge, old tree in Williamsburg. We found a tree here in town that is very similar, so tonight I’m getting them all together to go and take the photo. My wife is going to love it. Sunday we are going to the Hope Flower Farm and Winery with her daughter (my daughters will be with their mom) to pick some flowers and check out the live music and food trucks.