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Blog Progress Update

husband, father, tech enthusiast

In the ongoing effort to expand this blog and continue learning more about Hugo, I’ve made a few modifications.

  • I’ve added a Listening page where you can see the most recent 5 tracks I’ve scrobbled to, as well as what I am currently listening to at the moment, if anything. This is utilizing the API.
  • /Notes is basically a “TIL” (Today I Learned) section.
  • I removed the Tags link from the top menu in order to make room for Now, Uses, and Blogroll.
  • The /Now page lists things of various categories that I am currently into or working on.
  • /Uses details apps, services, and gadgets I am currently using as my defaults, or using at least some of the time.
  • /Blogroll is a list of links to blogs I subscribe to in my RSS reader. There are a lot. I can’t keep up with them 100% of the time, but I figure the more I subscribe to, the more likely I am to find great content.
  • I added an RSS button under my avatar, which will show up on the main page and at the top of each post.
  • I’m experimenting with the layout of the recent posts on the home page. Currently, it’s using a card view.

You can learn more about Slash Pages here. I encourage you to consider adding them to your page, as they are a fun little bit of personal flair for your site, and people can learn more about you. I’ll likely be adding Contact, Hello, Nope, Interests, and Bookmarks soon.