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Fastmail? More Like Pastmail.

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Fastmail? More like Pastmail.

I’ve been a Fastmail customer for about a year now, after having left Gmail as one of the first steps to remove Google from my tech life. I was a big fan of Fastmail. It was fast, flexible, reliable, and seemed like a company of decent people. I guess I was wrong because shortly after Fastmail employees decided to form a union, much of the bargaining unit was let go. Fastmail’s response claims that this was not because of unionization, but I find it hard to believe it’s a coincidence. Maybe they were just “restructuring”, but on the off chance that this was some shitty union-busting behavior by their management, I don’t want to be a supporter of it. Email isn’t such an integral part of my life that I can’t easily move to another provider.

So, I’ve decided to go with (after shortly trying Tuta and not being able to get them to work with my domain). I don’t need E2EE email. It seems like more trouble than it’s worth and I want IMAP. I just want email that works and isn’t run by a shitty management team. Though I enjoyed Fastmail’s cloud storage via WebDAV, I don’t need it, I have Koofr. I still use Google Calendar essentially as just a calendar service provider, I don’t use their app. The only other thing I really liked about Fastmail was their masked emails, but I can make up to 50 aliases and 200 custom domain aliases. I’ve successfully added my account to K-9 Mail on my phone and Vivaldi Mail on my desktop (though I may go back to Thunderbird, we’ll see), and I’ve managed to move all my archived emails over from my Fastmail account.

So, we’ll see how it goes. So far, so good.

If you’re interested in, provide me with your email address using the form below and I’ll send you an invite code!